Thursday, October 29, 2009

mama's birthday...:)

well, i am officially thirty, as of last tuesday.

it feels good, i think. over the past few months i have been feeling not older, per say, but wiser. more balanced, inside, as a person...

not that my life is necessarily balanced, but than that is the essence of life, no??

being the person that we want to be, living the life that we desire, achieving success (whatever that may mean to each of us)...these are things that no matter where we are, we never feel like we are there.

but then if we did, where would the fun be in that?? life is a journey...

cheers to this next bit!

now, for the presents!
my lovely mother-in-law sent me some birthday money, with the same notation as always..."do not spend this on bills" and for once, i decided to listen...:)
"man" slippers...(actually warm!)

gorgeous new yarn from the fiber fair!

and two new fleeces...

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  1. Happy Birthday! I have been enjoying your blog very much.