Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*10* times around the sun!

today is orin's birthday... he is now *10* years old, can you believe it?? i cannot...

we celebrated his birthday with a party/sleepover this past saturday.

yesterday we gave him his gifts from us...
a birthday bolga basket (inspired by childhood magic)
hand knit sushi & a mini wooden sushi serving plate (mama made :)
and eagle boffer frog (sword sheath thing) from brennos, on etsy
and, of course, a handmade, fair trade bolga basket (which i have been meaning to get the boys each for a while now...they are extremely well-made & amazingly versatile)

today we had a wonderful picnic with friends @ the library courtesy of kith & kin of madison county.

needless to say, he has had quite the celebration/welcoming to the world of double digits...

a final word from mama...

*10* reasons that you deserve a most amazinlgy wonderful birthday!
1. your love for all of mother earth's creatures, great & small.

2. you devour every book that enters our home!

3. inspiring me to be a better person...

4. being our 'guinea pig' for the past 10 years! ;)

5. the way you have listened to me over the years, pouring my heart out about everything from life changes to a new knitting pattern...and acting interested for the most part, even if you weren't.

6. a friend to anyone & everyone.

7. always willing to help out your younger brothers & sister.

8. because you still try to squeeze your skinny *10 year old* butt in to the bathtub, even though your 3 siblings are already taking up all the room.

9. your unending thirst for knowledge.

10. because you were our first child, the one who welcomed us into the amazing world of parenthood!

we love you so much, orin...happy birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to you both! Wonderful list. My oldest is turning 10 in a couple weeks!
    I will be back soon to read your recent food posts, looks like you are getting right into that book...
    Hope you are having happy summer days!
    Renee :)

  2. thanks love for the birthday wishes & yes, totally LOVING that book!

  3. Happy 10th Birthday to your son! Such a very special list. How the years slip by and how we need to savour each day with our little ones. How they grow!

  4. Happy Birthday, Orin! Isn't it amazing to have a child of ten years?! I remember being ten... such a golden age.

  5. Happy 10th birthday to your boy. 10 is so big and so much fun! He is beautiful with that sweet smile and I love the baby picture of him.

  6. HI Jesse, I know I'm a little late to wish Orin some happy birthday wishes, but better late than never...It sounds as if his birthday was a blast and your list for him made me tear up - you all make up such an amazing family!!! Much love to you! Katie G.