Friday, October 2, 2009

grade 1, block I: letter introduction (wk 3)

monday, september 28th
main lesson:
*form drawing, "running wave form", introduce with a short story.
*we actually sang "the ants go marching one by one (horrah, horrah!)" and marched around the yard, pretending that we were marching up & back down hills

lesson b:
nature study #4,
*it was a beautiful & blustery autumn day here in western north carolina, so we had a go at flying kites...

tuesday, september 29th (michaelmas)

*we started the day with an extended morning walk, hunting for the first signs of autumn & gathering wildflowers...

main lesson:
*tell story, part #3
introducing mountain, door, and 'e' (eeeeeehhh)

*make a picture of misty mountains with a door that actually opens

lesson b:
handwork, we opted to do besswax modeling for michaelmas, aydin made a dragon...

we also made a delicious dragon bread...

wednesday, september 30th

main lesson:
(recall story part #3, together)

*our picture for this week's lesson was testerday's project, so we dyed out 'michaelmas star balls'. the boys wanted bright colors, so we dyed them with kool-aid...they turbned out awesome! aqnd the boys love them! (mental gift poetential..;)

thursday, october 1st

main lesson:
(recall story part #3, aydin on own)
*write short summary together, copy into lesson book
lesson b:
painting, st. goerge & the dragon
a butterfly came to visit aydin's painting...
*aydin has become quite the lego builder recently, really expanding both what he builds & the detail involved...

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