Monday, October 12, 2009

grade 1, block I: letter introduction (week 5)

monday, october 12th

main lesson:

form drawing, Form Drawing for Grades 1-4, Ernst Schuberth & Laura Embry-Stine, p.3 (fig 4 & 5)

introduce with a short story...

ours was very impromptu, a bit more than usual, as i asked aydin what the would like to hear a story about. we have been having very blustery days lately & so the autumn leaf fairies were his friends of choice...

i spun a tale of the leaf fairies as they make their journey from the limbs up high, dancing with the gales...doing tricks & somersaults of all sorts, each hoping to be chosen by a special child for their nature table.

lesson b:
*lately i have chosen to forgo the more structured "nature study challenge", for simplicity's sake. i love the handbook of nature study assignments, but my goal for us is more of just spending one hour outside together. we explore the world of nature on our own & have loads of guide books for when we do want to know the name of a new insect or plant...

we spent today harvesting the last of our popcorn, raking & jumping in leaf piles...and rooting around for earthworms & such in our garden.

tuesday, october 13th

main lesson:
*tell story, part #5
introducing tree & valley

*project: model with beeswax, the tree & the valley
i actually had another project planned, but aydin was very adamant that he wanting to model with beeswax. and so, we did...

lesson b:
handwork, begin making own knitting needles

they are quite simple to make really. we bought some dowels from michaels, they seemed to be much stronger than the dowels sold at our local hardware store (and already cut to size). aydin's are 1/4" i think, about a size us 8/9. he sharpened the ends with our pencil sharpener today, not too sharp of a point though, and began sanding.

wednesday, october 14th

main lesson:
*recall story, part #5 (together)
*draw the tree & the valley in main lesson book

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