Friday, October 2, 2009

grade 4, block I, norse myths (wk 5)

monday, september 28th
(read on own, sea of trolls by nancy farmer, 45 min)

main lesson:
*math/grammar/spelling practice

*copy work:

“I know an Ash standing,
A high tree sprinkled
with snow white clay;
Thence come the dews
in the dall that fall--
It stands ever green
above Urd's wall"

*nature study challenge, #4

lesson b:
form drawing, p. 20, fig 32 b. (trillium knot 2)

we finished our "michaelmas star balls", the boys wanted brighter colors, so we used kool-aid

and it was a gorgeous & blustery day in western north we flew kites.
it is a bit frustrating to do here. there are so many trees that the winds come from all directions. but the boys kept at it and we had a few good runs. i had to forgo the picture taking to help out though. :)

tuesday, september 29th (michaelmas)
*we started the day off with a longer than usual walk, relishing the first signs of autumn

(read on own, sea of trolls, 45 min)

main lesson:
*math/spelling/grammar practice

*tell of idunn (D’Aulaire’s, p. 87-90)
(cb): variation of D’Aulaire’s, p. 67


needle felt idunn bendy doll w/basket of apples

lesson b:

baking, dragon bread!

wednesday, september 30th

(read on own, sea of trolls, 45 min)

main lesson:
*math/spelling/grammar practice
(recall idunn)
*tell of skade (D’Aulaire’s, p. 91-95)
(cb): D’Aulaire’s, p. 94-95

*draw portrait of skade, write a brief bio, name in both runes & eng*project: make peg people from story

lesson b:

handwork, begin working on embroidery transfer. draw picture on upcycled fabric w/markers.

inspired by herbst (eva maria ott-heidmann)
orin's, inspired by "avatar: the last air bender"

thursday, october 1st

(read on own, sea of trolls, 45 min)

main lesson:
*math/spelling/grammar practice
(recall skade)
*last day of lesson block, read back through main lesson book. recall stories, favorite characters

painting: michaelmas (st. michael/george & the dragon, of course)

lesson b: transfer picture to hoop & begin embroidery

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