Wednesday, February 6, 2013

baker's dozen update...

so, you may remember my post about the "baker's dozen" goal for the year (2013) to make  *13* 1) food items & 2) household items this year that i/we would normally go out & buy.

this is surprisingly easy & FUN!!  the only "hard part" is deciding what to do next!! 

first up, an update on our WOOL DRYER BALLS (aka HOUSEHOLD ITEM #1)

these are the ones made from yarn leftovers....

it's hard to tell in the photo, but they are thoroughly took ~6 goes in the wash.  so, pretty much a week's worth of laundry @ our house. ;)

these are the wool batting ones...ehren, ev, & i wet felted them, then tossed them in the wash to really tighten them up.
we have been using these since the middle of january & they are AWESOME!!!  they really do help absorb the moisture, allowing our clothes to dry quicker & they suck up all the static.  love *LOVE* love these!!!
for FOOD ITEM #2, we have started making our own FRENCH FRIES
for our first go, we fried them up in our cast iron skillet.
be warned!!  they take a good 20 min or so *per batch* (lance blames is on our stove, says it doesn't get the oil hot enough), but my friend confirms that they really do take a while to make.
sooooo good though!
for our second go, we baked some in the over.  they didn't turn our so hot.  i might scope around online to see what i should have done differently. 
i just cut them into 1/4" strips, tossed them in some oil, salt & pepper & baked @ 450 until they were done, ~30 min.  most didn't turn out as crispy as we would have like & the ones that did were totally dried out inside. :(
never fear, we'll keep hunting (or) if you have mastered this art, PLEASE do share!!!
this was so much fun to make...  i really do LOVE woodworking, and was excited to be doing a project that didn't involve *yarn*!!
background...our littles share a room & each had their own (rather large) basket of dress-up clothes.  we recently painted their room & ended up going through things then too.  there were so many sweet/awesome/cool get ups that i hadn't seen in a while.  they both wanted (of course!) to keep *everything*. 
so, i wanted to work out some sort of setup that would allow them to keep everything, but keep anything from being buried under a heap.  after a quick google search for wooden clothes rack, i came upon this...
i asked the kids, they loved it!!  they loved the box @ the bottom, which is perfect for shoes, jewels, belts, hats, etc...

with this as my inspiration, i set to work measuring & hunting around for picture idea...something that would work for both a boy & a girl.

i found some cool clip art owls on etsy & had each pick out his/her favorite to make their side of the "accessory" box.  unfortunately i cannot locate the right shop now :(

the sides were inspired by decorartist's sweet bird designs...

it turned out so stinkin cute!!!!

i have to admit that i haven't done too many woodworking projects & though this was relatively simple, i was extremely nervous when it came time to assemble (aka, the "moment of truth").  it all worked out perfectly though!!! 

& their rooms looks simply smashing!!!

and what lovelies have *you* been crafting??????  xo