Friday, July 2, 2010

june bugs & picture frames....

our yard has been swarming with june bugs all week...
as you know, we have 10 chickens. AND as you might also know chickens LOVE june bugs! so, we spent the morning chasing down & catching june bugs as a special treat for our chickens. they go crazy for them!
our mail lady drove up while we were all running around with our various tubs & saucers & asked what we were doing. when we showed her the jar & told her that we were catching june bugs for our chickens.
i said, "it's kind of mean, isn't it??"

to which she said, "no, when i was little, we sued to catch them & tie a string around their legs & turn them into a toy."

seriously! (i don't feel so bad now. :)
our daily rhythm for friday is "project day". we will be spending the afternoon adding watercolors to the back of our photos frame from last week & then adding a treating them with a bit of mama kopp's beeswax finish.
these frames really have turned out quite lovely.

i spotted them on our last trip to michael's (craft store), they were unfinished & only $1.00 each. so, i picked up four, one for each of us (well, not bebe) to paint. and conveniently enough, 1 for a grandmother's birthday & 3 for father's day (i know, we are a bit late.)

we soaked then for about 5 min each as i wanted our watercolors to blend on the wood, but as they were only $1.00 each, i did not want them to end up warping.

i think i may well get quite a few more next time we are in town & stock them away for christmas gifts!
happy crafting!


  1. Your frames look fantastic! Gosh, my boys would have just loved to run around with your children catching those June bugs for the chickens.

  2. we did this for mother's day in class! these frames are so amazing painted with watercolors. we took pictures of each student and added their symbol to the frame.

    i love the rainbow one!! gorgeous.

  3. *Love* these! I have a mirror with a similar frame, and while I do love wood in and of itself, I really adore rainbows too. So, rainbows that show the wood grain? Dreamy!

  4. those frames are wonderful - are you using stockmar watercolors? so curious and thank you for the inspiration :)

  5. we used both stockmar & yarka watercolors...

    the yarka's are nice, my brother gave me a set many moons ago 7 i now only buy that set, 12-color pan set, natural pigment, gorgeous colors!