Wednesday, June 9, 2010

project day...a tree fort!

if you have been following our blog for any amount of time, you know that aydin is our resident creator/constructor/builder/architect and/or whatever other name you can come up for it. his favorite medium is by far legos, but he does love building forts of all types, shapes & sizes....both inside & out. the mastermind...

i cannot count the times i have walked into the living room only to discover every pillow/cushion in the house has migrated into a corner with play silks & building cloths draped over for a roof & doors, etc. he even builds forts for bebe...which she, being only 14 month, tends to dismantle in 1/4 the time it took him to construct it. but...he is patient, for the most part, and rebuilds...

yesterday he called us all outside to see his latest creations...a tree fort. he did a good job, he got a pallet up in the pine tree (a good 6' off the ground) by himself...i have no idea.

at any rate, he had both a platform & the was relatively well constructed. however, being the mother of 4 children i have learned a few things along the, today we spent out "project day" hour upping the safety of his design.
"in progress"
worker bees...orin...
and ehren...
we dug holes for the support beams, added screws & roofing nails...we added a few more beams & replaced the tin roofing with some scrap plywood. everyone helped with the digging, sawing, hammering, etc...even ehren. it was truly a group effort.

poo on me for not getting "before" pictures...aydin & orin did take a few "in progress", but they don't really show the "big picture".
they boys also walled in the lower lever with the tin roofing, for a bunker.

the end result?? a super cool tree fort/bunker, that mom has no issue with. :)

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