Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the best sister ever!!

today is my 30th birthday! :)

and my younger sister, samantha, sent me the best birthday greeting ever, bar none!

here it is:

Subject: 30 Reasons Why You Deserve The Best Birthday Ever:

1) Batteries in socks.
2) Thumb in tennis racket.
3) Sisters' Day cards.
4) Laughing uncontollably and getting sent from the dinner table.
5) Not being able to tell our voices apart.
6) Best mother in history.
7) Amazing artist.
8) "Keep your claws away from me you beast!"
9) Defending me on the playground.
10) Four kids+homeschool+esty+garden+everything else=AMAZNG!
11) Best lasagna ever!
12) That crazy/old/baby face you make.
13) Vampire feet.
14) Re-telling stories.
15) Perfecting balance in life.
16) Smuggling me bread when I got in trouble and got sent to bed.
17) Always ready to help anyone in need.
18) Giving me the most amazing nephews and niece.
19) Being able to talk to you about anything.
20) Remembers to enjoy the simple things and inspires others to do the same.
21) A positive influence on everyone you meet.
22) The kindest, most caring soul I've ever met.
23) Gorgeous-ness only surpassed by inner beauty.
24) Dancing around with the boys to Dixie Chicks.
25) Always true to yourself and your beliefs.
26) Massive amount of inner strength.
27) Your Christmas treats, delicious!
28) Knowing you are always there, from a phone call to a surprise visit to your house.
29) Inspiring me to be a better person.
30) Being my hero for the past 25 years.

I love you!

Enjoy your day!!

is she great or what!! <3

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