Monday, June 28, 2010

silk dying

sunday we went to a lovely waldorf handwork session, hosted by a lovely mama in asheville (about 30/40 min north of us).

each family bulk ordered silks (from dharma trading company, i think) & brought a dye lot or 2. as silk dyeing can be as complicated, or as simple, as you might want it to be, each family got to choose what sort of dye bath they wanted to coloring, kool-aid, or natural.

we contacted our local grocery store & asked them to save their red onion skins for that is what we brought. i had read that it would make a lovely reddish-orange, but i think that actual color is closer to a burnt sienna.
i prepped this dye bath the same as i did for the goldenrod, marigold & red cabbage dye baths we did last fall. (for instructions, click HERE!)

various food coloring dye baths...
at any rate, a good crowd showed up & the thunderstorms only threatened... we had a chance to see some friends that we haven't seen nearly enough of lately, and also make some new ones!

aydin...look at the concentration on his face!
the work table... mamas busy at work...

ehren's masterpiece...
group photo time!
so many lovely color combinations...
just gorgeous!
our four are the ones on the (left) end...
once the children had had their fill of silks & dye baths, they set about their work, PLAYING!

caleb, miss jenny, & other little friends...
and, not to be left out, baby evyn...


  1. so sorry i missed this! looks like you had a wonderful time. ;)

  2. Had a great time! Lovely pics of an all-around good day.

  3. it was a lovely afternoon & i love that the children could be involved!

  4. yay! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I did not take many at all. The silks were gorgeous. I loved the red onion skin dye. Mine shifted to more of an ochre yellow, but still very pretty. Great rainbow pix, too!


  5. I never grew up with a four wheeler. I feel like I'm missing out.

  6. does the cut silk need hemming?