Tuesday, June 18, 2013

revamping this fall...

i have always said that homeschooling is a journey & it is as true now as it was when we first began our journey sever years ago!

for this fall i find myself revisiting old haunts.  charlotte mason & five in a row (FIAR) are both methods that we used when our soon-to-be-teen was just beginning his voyage.  and now here i am again hunting down those same books after having passed them along to various people over the years...

if you have any of the below, i would love to talk trading!!

i can knit, as you know & sew.  i could trade supplies, if you are a crafter...or if paypal is more convenient, i am trying to beef up my account balance a bit so that i can funds to cover the (many) books our county libraries don't have.

(Volume #1)
1.The Rag Coat, Lauren Mills
2. Who Owns the Sun?, Stacy Chosky
3. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear, Gladys Scheffin-Falk
4. Papa Piccolo, Carol Talley
5. Very Last First Time, Jan Andrews
6. Kate & the Big Snow, Virginia Lee Burton
7. Stepping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost (illus. Susan Jeffers)

I am also in search of FIAR volumes two, three & four along with all of the Charlotte Mason Volumes (#1-4).

Thank you in advance for your help with our search!!