Thursday, October 29, 2009

grade 1, block I: letter introduction (week 6)

monday, october 26th

main lesson:
form drawing, concentric circles, Form Drawing for Grades 1-4, Ernst Schuberth & Laura Embry-Stine, p.4 (fig 6 & 7)

*introduce with a short story
our was a tale of a picnic at the laurel river (where we camped last september) & of 3 little boys skipping stones

lesson b:
outdoor nature hour; we spent this gorgeous day raking (more) leaves & moving our first pile to the garden for mulch

tuesday, october 27th

main lesson:
*tell story, part #6
introducing swan & 'a' (aaahhh)

*project: sew a felt swan

lesson b:
handwork, continue sewing swan

wednesday, october 28st

main lesson:
(recall story, together)
draw picture of swan in lesson book, add a gold star with the letter 'a'

lesson b:
baking, cinnamon scones

thursday, october 29th

main lesson:
*recall story, part #6 (on own)
*write short summary together, copy into main lesson book

painting day:
lance & the boys all helped me make belly casts when i was pregnant with each our little ones (except poor evyn, our now 7 month old baby girl)

i have had them displayed here & there, but never did i imagine that we would be blessed with so many beautiful children, and so...i am letting go.

we have no room for them, and they are just being moved from here to there, gathering dust, etc.

i always intended for the boys to paint them themselves when they were older ,and today was that day...

this was hard for me to witness...i don't know why, they are just "things", but then they are also so much more than that. these are casts of my children in utero, a remembrance of a time & place where no of us will ever be again. i can remember each of them, when i was, what i was many of my life events are time lined by my pregnancies. this is something that they boys did not get, somethings that lance does not get. something that is insanely significant but for reasons that i have a hard time putting into words. are the before, during & after photos...



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