Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer nature table...

summer solstice brings about the changing of our seasonal table...

one of our favorite 'chores' is changing our nature table.

cleaning & packing away our favorite spring finds, saving them for next year & getting the summer box down from the shelf...we love rediscovering what treasures we have collected over the years.

orin asked to set the table up himself this year, and so he did! it was interesting to see how he arranged things, as i think i tend to set them up nearly the same way each year...tradition, i guess.
ehren helped me take down & pack away our spring treasures & aydin busied himself building our lovely bee model. it was handed down/over to us from a neighbor/fellow homeschooler whose children are now teenagers.
it is such a simple part of our yearly rhythm, but it holds such anticipation & always turns into a great morning of sharing & recalling the memories from when a certain object or another was found...
i am actually joining the bits of goodness , "summer nature table swap", so we'll have a few new handmade treasures to add this season as well.
we spent the rest of our day working in the garden & otherwise enjoying the gorgeous world mother nature has created for us!
happy solstice to you all!


  1. happy solstice girl! i wish i had the creative time to join the summer nature table swap. just ain't happenin' right now! ;)

  2. Happy summer days. How fantastic that your son changed the nature table himself. It looks like it contains many wonderful treasures! I must get around to changing ours (blush) - it is still spring up there! You are right on how a nature table becomes such a simple but important routine. Such valued collected items from nature that always bring back memories when brought out again. Also, we have seasonal dolls that I made nearly five years ago now when my crafting skills were really basic yet when I suggest to the children that I make a new figure to replace any of these they refuse. They love those basically made figures! In winter we somehow lost our funny looking little Jack Frost, they were all so upset but won't have me make a new one to replace him unless the replacement looks just like the old one did.

  3. rae: i know what you mean...people always talk of summer as a "break", but it is just as busy around our house as ever...not schoolwork busy, but 'life' busy.

    kelly: that is awesome! i know that i have sometimes wanted to get rid of things as my own skills have improved, but the children say no. they love anything & everything from us mamas...gotta love that!