Monday, June 28, 2010

rainbows galore, no...really!

this past sunday we went to a lovely silk dyeing party, carpooling with our friends.

well, we took them home & chatted a bit, of course, and headed back to our house a bit after 7pm,catching just the tail end of a thunderstorm.

you would NOT believe what we saw...

not one amazing bright & pure DOUBLE rainbow, but 2!! one just above the other.

the lower one was amazingly bright & pure...we could see each color in the spectrum easily, it was amazing!

the second was just a bit above the first, and though not nearly as clear...the fact that it was there simultaneously was just awe-inspiring! i wish that i would have had a camera.

we were hoping that they would follow us home so that we could show papa, ehren & bebe, but they did not. we kept watch though as the storm was just hitting our neck of the woods. and sure, enough not 20 min later aydin & orin checked outside & we had our own double rainbow.

it stretched all the way the north side of our yard the the southern was so wide in fact that i couldn't get it all in one shot...

if this was not enough, i went out to check on our bunny & the chickens about 20 min later & there was ANOTHER rainbow! it was a half arch, but gorgeous in its own right...

i have never in my life seen 2 rainbows in one day, let along 4! kudos to mother nature for truly outdoing herself!


  1. Another blessing on a beautiful day!

  2. Everytime I see a rainbow, I am in awe... how wonderful for all of you.

  3. plain & joyful,

    i, too, am always in awe of rainbows! i have seen more rainbows in the past 2 years than i have in my entire life...

    i can't help but wonder if it has to do with the children in our lives, you know??

    on the highway that day, with the 2 *double* rainbows, i watched as car after car flew by, oblivious...

    of course, there were also 3 or 4 who had pulled off on the side of the road with cameras at the ready! :)

    i keep telling my husband that i need a good, but small/portable camera to keep in the car for just such occasions...the spontaneous/unplanned wonders of our lives, you know??