Wednesday, June 23, 2010

homemade cheese from raw goat milk...

project #2 using raw goat's milk...homemade cheese!

i got this recipe from the lovely mama who is supplying our fresh goat's milk...miss amanda wilder!

1. pour a half gallon fresh, raw milk into a stainless steel stockpot (our was goat's milk)

2. heat over med-high, stirring occasionally until milk reaches a temp of 190-195 degrees (for us, this took 30 min)
3. IMMEDIATELY add 1/4 c of white vinegar, stirring constantly until curds being to form (which should happen almost immediately)

4. place a colander in some sort of large bowl/container to catch the liquid (whey) , then line colander with a doubled piece of cheesecloth/t-shirt/old school cloth diaper that has been bleached.
pour the pot of curds & whey into the colander.

5. pour the whey into glass mason jars, label & save in the refrigerator for use in other recipes.
(the whey will keep in the fridge for up to 6 months)

6. tie up the cloth & hang over a glad jar/bowl, allowing the last bit of whey to drain & the cheese to harden.
leave cheese to hang & firm for about 2 hours.

7. untie & marvel at your lovely, not to mention delicious homemade cheese!
our 2 gal of milk resulted in a little over 2 quarts of whey & 10.5 oz of cheese.
we ate our cheese at lunch yesterday, it was delicious! despite the fact that it was made with goat's milk, it did not taste at all goaty.
the boys did say that it needed a bit of flavoring...i am thinking of adding some fresh herbs into the curds before hanging for our next batch.
hooray for homemade goodness & the 'simple life'!


  1. lovely, I've been wanting to make cheese but keep putting it off, now I may have to, you used no thing but milk and vinegar then???

  2. that's it! it is so simple & so very good. :)

    we'll b giving your cooki8es a go this weekend...mmmmm...