Thursday, February 18, 2010

WIP wednesday...

i know, i is actually thursday. let's just pretend that i actually posted this yesterday...;)

i finished evyn's helmet on friday.

perfect timing no less as we had even more snow on saturday, so she was able to sport the new cap when we went grocery shopping. we had several compliments too..."i wish i had a hat like that", said a mama as we entered the store.

i love knitting! (i know i say that a lot, but i do)...i love crafting & art in general, but i love knitting because the things that i make are useful & serve a much needed purpose aside from being gorgeous.

for me, it is a mindful meditation...even if i am listening to npr or a book on cd, each stitch brings to mind (whether consciously/subconsciously) the person i am knitting for, each stitch is filled with my love for that same person.

it's a smidge bit fluffy on the top because the pattern is actually for 18 months- 3 years, and evyn is only 10 months.

first thing saturday morning i got to work on ehren's gnome hat...i couldn't wait to use that gorgeous kaleidoscope yarn!
i do my best to support handmade, as i myself am a crafter & can appreciate the time, energy, expertise, & love that goes into one's craft. and though i hope to someday have our own sheep, and spin & dye my own beautiful yarns we are not quite there yet. until then, there's etsy...:)

i knit every chance i got on saturday, and on sunday lance took the boys to see a movie. this just happen to coincide perfectly with evyn's naptime, so i got to knit for almost 2 hours...uninterrupted. wow! it was amazing...i was totally 'in the zone', you know?? i finished sewing up ehren's hat first thing monday morning. when i had him try it on, two things happened...
1) "mommy, it's itchy"...three small words, but oh...the implications...

2) i noticed that the hat didn't lay flat under his ears. :( i expect that this is to accommodate for the sizing (fits 1 year olds up to 6 year olds)...however, we have windy winters, & i know how painful cold air blowing into one's ears can be.
so, it's back to the drawing board, or in this case, back to (an amazing source for both knitting & crochet patterns, many *free*)
i found a pattern for a wee balaclava, and am now going to make each of the boys ones.
once orin & aydin laid eyes on the photos, they announced that they to each want one...orin has apparently been wanting one 'for forever!' what's a mama to do, right??
i looked through the photos on ravelry & saw this same cap on various ages. apparently it, too, is pretty adaptable. since orin & aydin are our number one outdoor gurus, i am making theirs first. starting with orin...all will be knit using superwash merino (amazingly soft, 100% wool, but washable...oooooh :) he chose the color marine is lovely. it is a deep teal, but with hints of royal blue & something else in there too.

these pictures don't do it justice...

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