Thursday, February 4, 2010

a few sweet finds...

did a bit of thrifting for the first time in about 2 months...i think this is the longest stretch ever. my theory is that if i don't actually go to all the shops, then i can't bring home all of the amazing deals. :)

that is actually part of it, really...and i think we have saved a bit of money because of it. we, the boys & i, have been spending a bit of time (once again) going through our books, toys, crafting supplies, closets, etc...(is this a seemingly constant part of anyone else's life as well??) and we are making an effort to really par down what we have in our house & our lives for that matter.

we get better at this over time, i think. i have talked to my mom about this as well...somethings that we weren't 'ready' to part with 6 months ago, we are able to part with now. i know that i can be very emotionally attached to my things...but i am learning to let go. with four children & limited space, it becomes almost a necessity...:)

anyway, we have a friend who recently had surgery & can't really wear regular pants/pajamas as they would irritate the incision site. his wife asked me to visit the thrift stores & try to find him some overalls & long underwear...i didn't find either, but i did find a few sweet deals...

a gorgeous wooden cup/plate set for the boys play kitchen...$2.50 for the lot!

keen's for ehren, these are like new, and cost me all of $0.25! he doesn't even notice the pink liner, he is just excited to have shoes that he can put on by himself... (he is soooo 3 years old!)

ok, this didn't come from a thrift store, but it was still a steal of a deal...

i bought this necklace from jlynn creations (on etsy), and she engraved the names on it for free. awesome, right??

something got a bit jumbled in the mail & she ended up sending me a gift certificate. BONUS! as i know that everything is totally crazy during the holidays, and was totally fine with everything. (i think everyone know this). but as a gift certificate is still a gift certificate, i put it towards a necklace of my own.

i absolutely love it! it is so lightweight; it feels like i am wearing nothing...aside from the occasional jingle. and the chain is strong, evyn pulls on it constantly!

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