Thursday, February 4, 2010

grade 4, block IV norse myths (lang arts)

this month we revisit the aesir gods/goddesses, beginning with the death of balder & moving through ragnorok (the end of the aesir world)

monday, january 4th

(read on own, seal morning, 45 min)

*workbooks (spelling, math & general ed)

main lesson:


"broken were oaths then
bond and swearing,
pledges all sacred
which passed between them;

thor alone smote there
swollen with anger"

*nature study/outdoor hour...
i have stopped formal nature study lessons for the time being, opting for family time together outside. we aim for about an hour, give or take depending on the weather...

lesson b:

form drawing, p. 21, figure 32 d

tuesday, january 5th
(read on own, 45 min, seal morning)
*workbooks (spelling, math & general ed)

main lesson:

*tell story, "the dearth of balder" (d'aulaire's p. 128-136)
(chalkboard, p. 133)

*project, make a dioramma

orin chose to make ours the scene near the end of the story, when hermod goes to hel's realm to beg her for balder's return

lesson b:

handwork, begin work on colored pencil case

(i am sure there are loads of patterns & probably tutorials as well online for colored/pencil rolls. we are using a pattern from amanda blakee soule's book, the creative family)

wedensday, january 6th

(read on own, 45 min, seal morning)

*workbooks (spelling, math, & general ed)

main lesson:

(recall story)

*write 2-3 paragraph summary, on own

(since we just came back from winter break, i helped him by jotting down notes on the board)

*draw picture in main lesson book from story

lesson b:

baking, tuna melts

as much as i love having helpers for baking brad, granola & other snacks/desserts, what i really want is to have someone who can make lunch most, if not all week. so, i am training orin to be my replacement. he can already make a mean pb & j, and of course things like turkey sandwiches, but i am trying to expand his repoitouire a bit :)

thursday, january 7th

(read on own, 45 min, seal morning)

*workbooks (spelling, math, & general ed)

main lesson:

*edit summary (check for spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, etc)

*copy final work into main lesson book

*painting day, 'balder's voyage', p.133

(we didn't actually get to the painting. orin loves, loves, loves math, but absolutely HATES writing! we keep trying to explain to him that writing is oneo those things that you will use each & every day of your life, no matter what you career/lifepath you choose,! he is stubborn & will seriously procrastinate a...l....l........d....a...y...!)

lesson b:

handwork, continue working on colored pencil roll...

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