Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a wee bit of news...

so...i actually have two things to share.

1) i ordered our chickens yesterday! (hooray!)

we ordered 6 speckled sussex hens

a baby picture of the little peeps...

and full grown...

and we also ordered 6 ameraucana hens

their baby picture... and full grown...

and their amazingly gorgeous eggs!

they will arrive april 19th...(68 days!)

all we have to do now is get the brooder set up, get a feeder & waterer, a brooder thermometer, etc & of course, build our two chicken tractors...:)

we are all so very excited...
now, if it would only stop snowing...i am sooo ready for spring!

2) the big news...lance & i will be having our wedding next september! we are so very excited, though i more so than him. it is going to be simple & beautiful...

we got married when our eldest was 8 months old. i did not want to get married just because i was pregnant and as he was, even then, very much a part of our lives, we wanted him to be a part of the ceremony. little did we know then that we would one days have four amazing children to include in the celebration. :)

this all came about because of an episode of my wife & kids that i saw about 7/8 years ago.

they, too, had gotten married at the courthouse maybe because she was pregnant as well, i don't remember that bit. on their tenth wedding anniversary, they had a wedding & renewed their vows. when i saw that, i knew that it was the perfect idea for our family as well.

i am so excited! it is funny, really, as i have never really considered myself a "girly girl", but this is amazingly important to me. it is a rite of passage, a outward celebration of the love that lance & share for each other & four our family, & of the life long commitment within. i think that it might be even more meaningful at this point in our marriage as we have "held the test of time"...10 years is quite a milestone these days & honestly we have been through a lot in those 10 years!

i know it's a long way off, what a year & 7 months, but hey...i have waited almost 10 years for this moment & besides a bit of early planning never hurt anyone. ;)

what we know so far...

we will be having a small & simple ceremony on the beach of a small island in florida (we 'tourists' have a silent agreement to never mention the name of the island so that it stays the quiet piece of paradise that it is :) the wedding will be held during the second week of september, or perhaps the third. we are only inviting our immediate family (aka parents & siblings, and of course, their families.

lance will be wearing a white shirt & khakis, and the boys will be dressed in something similar. we'll find a sweet white cotton sundress for evyn. i will wear a wedding gown, but nothing fancy. i plan to buy our rings off etsy as handmade is so much more meaningful. i would also like a cake, but again nothing fancy...

it will be perfect!

(can you tell that i am smiling from ear to ear??)

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