Thursday, February 4, 2010

grade 1, block IV: four processes (week 1)

i am again taking advantage of mrs. marsha johnson's *free* online resources. she is amazing & her guides/files/guidance are such a blessing to us waldorfing mamas (& papas!)

her yahoo group is waldorf home educators & it is awesome! if you are in any way involved with waldorf education you should join...really!

the following lessons are based on her 'math gnomes' lessons (under age specific curriculum, grade one)

monday, january 4th

main lesson:

*introduce gnome share (divide) with short story...

*make a green salad

*write numbers 1-10 in main lesson book

*read aloud w/ mama (15 min) Frog and Toad are Friends
beginning this week aydin will be spending 15 minute/day with me practicing his reading. he made his way through the bob books last summer, and is now ready for something a bit more. so, we'll be working our way through the frog & toad series, and the little bear series as well.

lesson b:
form drawing...
tuesday, january 5th
main lesson:
(recall story & gnome share)
*draw a portrait of gnome share in main lesson book
*explore sharing with baskets of gems/jewels/nuts & friends
focus on 'sharing' not so much the 'dividing up equally' that will come later...though every time i tried to get aydin to just 'share' he wanted to count out even amounts for each friend. :)
*work with path of 2's, to see '2-4-6-8...' through play
aydin actually did this bit on his own, without any prompting by me...isn't it amazing how much they pick up on from older siblings?? i suppose in a home school setting they only pick up that much more, but these little 'lessons' continue to surprise me...
*read aloud w/mama, 15 min (frog & toad)
lesson b:
handwork; begin knitting potholder
basically a rectangle to be folded in half & sewn into a square...we are winging it, casting on 24 stitches (about 6") and knitting until we have 12".
wednesday, january 6th
(recall story, gnome share & yesterday's work)
main lesson:
*introduce division sign with 'living picture'...
i had a knitting needle sitting on the table longways, between aydin and i (as we were sitting across from each other at the table). then, i got out a small, 6" loaf of french bread & asked aydin if he would like some. he, of course, said yes (we are a bread loving family!), and i split it in half. i placed my half on one side of the knitting needles & his half on the other (so that we had made a division sign. the bread halves being the two dots & the knitting needle being the line).
*draw 'living picture' of division sign in main lesson book, draw standard division sign on right
*add division sign to gnome share's portrait (we put it on his tum)
*continue to explore sharing with friends...
*read aloud w/mama, 15 min (frog & toad)
lesson b:
baking, homemade good!
thursday, january 7th
(recall gnome share & this week's work)
main lesson:
*more with new numbers
*share between 2 friends (8 * 6, 7 * 7, 10 * 4...) separate by gold cord/knitting needle...
*pick favorites & add to main lesson book
*write gnome share's poem in main lesson book
*read aloud w/mama, 15 min (frog & toad)
lesson b:
handwork, continue knitting potholder

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