Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wip wednesday...

i finished evyn's rainbow smock...well, aside from adding "the perfect button", that hunt still continues. :)

great first sweater-ish project...100% cotton, i used pisgah's peaches n' cream, fiesta colorway.

ehren's birthday balaclava is finished! (though aydin is our model is a present, remember? ;)
this is the year of the balaclava at our house...i made this one for orin last winter & they have been tops on the "make me one" list ever since for both ehren & aydin. so, these will be their knit goodies this year.

i am also knitting two more for my friend jenny's boys.

another pair of mitts, these are for the madison county heritage festival. our co-op will be tabling to spread the word about both homeschooling & our group. we will also be selling handmade arts, crafts, & baked goodies to raise money. :)

here is sweet baby evyn modeling orin's birthday fits her (18 months) all the way up to him (10 years old). though i don't think this was the best yarn choice...the bottom rolls up too easily. i don't think that would happen with a softer yarn...
she doesn't seem to mind though, does she??

also working on a *second* pair of mitts for our eldest, orin...rainbow this go round. :)

and lastly, a donkey for our fable story next week..."the horse & the overloaded ass". this pattern is from "toymaking with children", by freya jaffke. ok, so now i have a question for all of you...orin has requested a knit wolf for christmas, but i have had absolutely no luck in finding a pattern. any leads would be GREATLY appreciated!



  1. Love all how well you can knit. They look great. I just started knitting in the spring and am just finishing my first scarf. Would love to get better at it and do more exciting things like clothes, I just love making things for my baby.

  2. thanks for the knitting love...i absolutely LOVE to knit! it has most definitely become an obsession, but a meditative/productive one! ;)

  3. Have you tried Raverlry? for your wolf pattern

    I was looking for a chicken pattern and found a couple hundred on there. It is free, but you have to create an account.