Monday, September 13, 2010

grade 2, block II fables, week 2

monday, september 6th
labor day! (no school)

tuesday, september 7th
(heart) normally we have garden day, but today we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the long branch environmental educational center (LBEEC). we picked apples & blueberries, then had a lovely picnic lunch by their pond!
(head) main lesson:

*read aloud 15 minutes with mama, the primer
*read through spelling words on board & copy into main lesson book
*recall story, "the lion, the tiger, and the wolf"
*draw picture in main lesson book
(hands) handwork;
begin weaving rainbow pouch, 30 min handwork
we were supposed to begin knitting a lion today, as there are lions in many of our fables. aydin, however, felt like weaving a we went with it.
ehren joined us with his sewing...
it is funny because they both say they are 'knitting'. apparently anything involving needles & yarn counts as knitting. ;)
wednesday, september 8th
(heart) walk/hike with circle time
(head) main lesson:
*read aloud with mama, 15 min, the primer
*alphabetize spelling words, together on board, then copy into main lesson book.
*recall story & write summary in main lesson book
(hands) baking, our famous granola!
thursday, september 8th
(heart) walk/hike with circle time
(head) main lesson
*read back through spelling words, use bananagrams tiles to spell out each one
aydin gave it a go solo first, sounding the words out & that went quite well. then we corrected the ones that needed it.
*tell animal intros for today's fable, recall 'lion: & tell of the bull.
"the bull"
upon first glance, bulls look very much like cows. they, too, pass much of their days grazing in the green fields, enjoying the shade offered by a grove of pine trees & the cool summer breeze--chewing their cud.
but let us look a bit closer--
they are indeed larger than cows, aren't they? they have thick bones, and thick muscular necks. and those horns?...amazing! they have long, thick horns and protective ridges on their heads. when a predator, or another male, threatens the herd, and intense battle will follow. they, too, are the protectors of their herd.
*tell fable, "the lion and the four bulls"
there were once four bulls who were the very best of comrades. they would spend their days grazing together, walking together...they would go to the stream on a hot day together for a drink, they would even sleep together.
this was indeed quite smart of them as well, for they could help each other keep watch for enemies & should one attack. woe be unto him!
well, there was also a lion...strong, courageous, and hungry! he lurked in the bushes nearby, waiting for one of the bulls to go off on his own. he knew that he could easily take down one bull, for he was quite strong indeed! but to overpower such a lot as this, on his own...that would surely be a disaster. and so, he waited...and waited...and waited. but as time passed, he realized that these four bulls were inseparable. or were they??
he put aside his pains of hunger & devised a plan. the next morning, as the four bulls were grazing, the lion snuck about in the tall grass on the outskirts of their meadow. he whispered tales of trickery and deceit into each bull's ears...'his grass is greener'...'his coat is finer'...'he had more than his fair share of fresh water today', etc.
soon, the bulls began to watch each other a bit more closely. they would squabble over little things that had never mattered before. oh & the lion was delighted, his plan was working. and so it continued the next morning. before long, the bulls had each gone off in his own direction, angry, resentful & cross at the other bulls...and each an easy meal for the lion!
*form drawing, christopherus, p. 27
reminiscent of the four bulls, who each wandered off in his own direction
(hands) continue weaving...

friday, september 10th
(heart) walk/hike with circle
(head) main lesson
*spelling test, write works on paper & put into bowl/hat. pull out each one, read & have aydin spell.

any missed words were to be collage out of magazine letter, but he didn't miss a single one!

*read aloud with mama, 15 min, the primer
*recall story, illustrate in main lesson book

*project...we were going to make a diorama (grassy plains, pampas grass, plastina bulls, beeswax/knit lion, etc), but then i found out that my parents were going to be visiting. so, we made today a half day. :)

(hands) painting:
"when yellow found blue, he called out-- 'oh, there you are! i have been looking for you.'
then they laughed and threw themselves into each other's arms, and they were so happy, they turned green as grass." -leo lionni verse

and enter, the grandparents...

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  1. We like Little Blue and Little Yellow too.
    Fun week you guys had!