Wednesday, September 22, 2010

egg-traordinary news & introducing the ladies...:)

while cleaning out the chicken coops today, i found our very first egg! (woo-hah!)

one of our it! :)

you can't really tell in the picture, but it is a very light blue-ish green....

i thought i would take this opportunity to introduce our lovely ladies, as well...

first our speckled sussex, we have 4 of them. none of which have names, yet... *blush*...
(we'll have to get on that)
they are the talking-est chickens ever! always clucking on about something or other...

and now the ameraucanas...this is honolulu, our rooster. we actually ordered our chickens 'sexed', hens only, but we are very glad to have him. the boys are already asking for more chicks...

this is one of the twins, fluffy. (aydin named her :)
some of the ameraucaunas have, what i call, beards & side burns...this one does, so 'fluffy' is actually quite fitting.

this is saradoman (who orin named), she is the most calm & people loving of the lot. always the first to fly up when we let them rummage around in the garden.
and *i think* the egg layer...:)

this is sarafina peckula...(hee, hee!) there a more perfect name for a chicken?? i mean really...
you may recognize if from the movie "the golden compass", she was one of the witches...

this is sasquatch, the largest &, one of the less good looking-ish ones
(but please do not tell her i said that...)

and lastly, we have our other twin...tallulah. i actually was wanting to name our daughter that, but lance kiboshed it right of the bat! :(
this afternoon, when we got home from running a few errands, we check again in the coops & found another egg!
this is so very exciting...right up there with when we dug our first ever lot of potatoes!
may your day be filled with abundance as well!


  1. Ooo, I'm jealous! I'm anxiously awaiting my first blue egg. We've had chickens for a few years now but we just got our first araucanas in the spring... they should be laying soon. It'll be a thrill to find that first blue egg! :)

  2. Lovely ladies there...
    Tallulah...any chance you like the old movie Bugsy Malone?

  3. we weren't expectng them to start laying until october, so that only added to the excitement! :)

    we got out lot april about you firefly??

    laura...not inspired by bugsy, no. but rather a children's cartoon the kids used to watch, many moons ago on nick jr. "maisy" a sweet mouse, you might have sen her books at the library. if not, check them out...very cute! :)

  4. I got mine on Mother's Day. They started laying a few weeks ago, but I didn't get my first blue egg until yesterday! :) Love your blog; look forward to getting more inspiration here... thank you!

  5. firefly,

    oh, horray for you! it is so very exciting isn't it??