Friday, September 17, 2010

grade 2, block II fables, week 3

(wildflowers from our garden :)

monday, september 13

(heart) walk/hike with circle time

(head) main lesson:
*read aloud 15 min with mama, frog and toad all year
*read through spelling words on board & copy into main lesson book *recall story, "the lion & the four bulls"
*write summary
(hands) handwork, continue weaving pouch
tuesday, september 14th
our first day of co-op!
wednesday, september 15th
(heart) garden day! 1 hour of weeding, mulching, bug hunting, & other wise exploring...:)
these little mantises are EVERYwhere right now!
i love how mother nature has gifted them with cool!
(head) main lesson:
*read aloud with mama for 15 min, frog & toad all year
*alphabetize spelling words, together on board, then copy into main lesson book
*form drawing, basic of own design, mirror image form to go along with story... (hare hopping)

*tell animal intros for today's fable, "the tortoise & the hare"

recall hare, and tell of tortoise


the tortoise is very slow. he walks across the grass, through the step at a time, he makes no sound.

his neck is thin, with loose skin. he peers out at the world through his tiny eyes & sniff with his small nostrils/ if he hears you coming, then quickly, he pulls his head into his shell & firmly closes his legs against his shell.

if you site very quietly, he'll poke his head our again and slowly move his hind legs out & resume his walk.

once he reaches the pond or lake, he plops down into the water, he swims about, quickly & gracefully & seems very much more at home in the water than on land. after swimming, he looks for a rock on to which he can climb. he loves to bask in the warmth of the sun!

*tell story, "the tortoise & the hare"

(hands) baking, trail mix cookies! (from our lovely friend christina, @blog moment to moment)

these are so amazingly good & filling!

i don't even know how this sweet little kitty got there, but i am guessing he was framed by someone with very little hands...;)

thursday, september 16th

(heart) walk/hike with circle

(head) main lesson
*read aloud with mama for 15 min, finish frog & toad all year
*read through spelling words, spell out with bananagram tiles (from memory)

(i was planning on writing them on the walk with sidewalk chalk/in the dirt, but aydin insisted on using the tiles again :)

*check spelling & write those missed in book, 2x each

this is aydin's "victory face" @ having only misspelled 2 words...i told him it looks more like a war cry...;)

*recall story, & illustrate in main lesson book
(hands) handwork, continue with weaving
for some reason i have no pictures of his weaving this week :(...he works on handwork for about 30 min/session (unless he is really feeling it, i certainly don't limit it). i think with the weaving, it is very slow going, maybe a 1/2" done per 30 min session...

friday, september 17th

(heart) walk/hike w/circle

(head) main lesson
*workbook, 2 pages in math workbook
just your standard basic skills math book. aydin loves workbooks & i feel like anything that we might miss will be covered here...a win, win situation
*read aloud with mama 15 min, patter-paws the fox & other stories (W)
*spelling 'test'., pull words from hat & spell
aydin got all but one right, so i had him make a collage of the work withs letters from magazines, he 'wrote' the word 2x...

*recall story, write summary on board & copy into main lesson book

(hands) painting day...a moving picture for "the tortoise & the hare" (christopherus' "animal legends", p.16)

step 1) paint one, uncut piece of painting paper blue (or another color)...this will be your frame

step 2) paint another piece, cut about a 1" smaller (1/2" on each side) & edges rounded with a simple forest scene
step 3) draw/color a small hare & a small tortoise on another piece of painting paper/stock card
step 4) attach these animals to strips to serve as 'handles' for moving them along for the race

step 5) cut slits for the race in your forest scene, obviously the tortoise's slit should go from the race beginning to the finish line, while the hare's should stop a bit short...
step 6) attach forest to frame & insert character ins in their respective slits...
this was fun, though i need to think a bit on the best way to attach the lower portion of the forest has to be open for the animals to more, but our animal 'puppets' kept trying to fall through...any ideas??
on another note, ehren was up early with me at 7am, and he was really wanting to paint...& so we got him set up...
there is something truly magical about watching a young 'unschooled' child paint...i love listening to him narrate his paintings...and oooh & aaahhh over the colors as they mix & meld & blend & otherwise dance on the page...
he came back to paint with us for our lesson as well...


  1. It's lovely - I made one to from my Christopherus curriculum. Sasha is in Grade to but we've been a little delayed because we are traveling. The joys of homeschooling. Your son writes a lot. Sasha writes well but doesn't like to write too much.

  2. What brand of paints do you use? Your colors are so bright & brilliant! Our Stockmar paints look nothing like that.

  3. thank you both for your comments...

    aydin does write a bit more that the typical waldorf 2nd grader b/c i learned a lot from homeschooling his big brother.

    orin, now in 5th grade, is at our local public school. he wanted to give it a go, and after asking on & off for 2 years we decided to let him try it. better to give it a go & know if it is right/wrong, then to keep wondering, right??

    at any rate, orin is smart & catches onto things quickly, BUT he is always the last one done in writing. knowing this now, i am having aydin do a bit more...just in case he ever wants to try public school.

    and yes, our paints are indeed stockmar. :)

    if yours aren't nearly as bright, i wonder if you might be dilluting them too much??

    lmk if you want our "recipe".