Tuesday, May 11, 2010


spring & fall around our house means soccer...hooray!

orin has been playing since he was 6 years old (now almost 10) & aydin just started last fall.

we aren't big into "busy", but i do want the boys to be exposed to various outside activities. so, starting when they turn 6 years old, they each get to pick one activity. my only rule is that only one plays soccer at a time...

soccer is very much a family activity for us. and when more than one child plays it ends up being much to crazy with 2-3 practices during the week, on various days (or worse yet, on the same day!), at various locations... ditto for game day as well. this is all much too maddening on mama & papa, not to mention younger siblings.

lance (papa) played when he was younger & we all enjoy going to the games as a family. whether or not we actually get to watch the game or not, with little ones in tow is debatable. BUT the key is moral support anyway, right?? ;)

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