Friday, May 21, 2010

introducing niro...

we brought our sweet baby bunny home today! he is just 5 weeks old, though we first met him when he was just a niblet. :)
we have been visiting him & his young family since he was just 1 week old, slowly letting him get used to us, our scent, & our noise! :)

i checked out some images on google this afternoon & as far as i can tell, he is indeed a 'he'. and thus we have dubbed him niro...if by some chance he does turn out to be a girl, we will change it to nira...easy enough, right??

so far he is adjusting well...
we have given him much space & peace (or as much as one can in a home with 4 young children!) and he is now quite happy, hopping around his cage...smelling & exploring his new world.

i will be building him a portable 'rabbit tractor' at some point in the next few weeks so that he can 'free range'.

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