Saturday, May 8, 2010

our birthday ring...

we discovered waldorf when our eldest (now almost 10), was 6...

so many things drew me to this philosophy. the simplicity, the respect of children & their play, the rhythm, the inclusion of nature & art as necessary elements of their schooling, the natural materials & playthings...but also the festivals & traditions.

i have always envied other cultures 7 their traditions & festivals...waldorf gave me an outlet to invite these into our home. there are so many festivals, it can seem overwhelming to a person new to this philosophy. we have slowly been adding various celebrations each year, but there are still many that i have yet to explore.

one though, that called to me from the beginning, was the birthday ring...and with the birth of our fourth child, i decided it was time.

you can buy ready made birthday rings & sets, but none of the ones i found online "spoke" to me, so i have one made custom (from etsy :).

the ring itself is a from jalutoys & our gnomes & fairies were handmade by rene of rjabinnik. i had him leave them natural so that i could personalize them myself with watercolors.

we absolutely love it!...thank you both!

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