Wednesday, May 26, 2010

recent projects...:)

i wanted to share a few of the recent projects that i have been working on...

first up, my most favorite project to date i think...a spring poncho knit for a sweet 3 year old. absolutely gorgeous!

(many thanks to our model, ehren...our 3 year old :)

another custom calorimetry...

and lastly a sweet little waldorf cat (from the children's year), handknit of the softest merino yarn!

happy crafting!


  1. Jessi, these are gorgeous!! I am so impressed.

  2. well, thank you love. i would love to knit something up for your girls at some point. i LOVE knitting! :)

    how are things in va?? i love the little fawn photos...absolutely amazing!

  3. love the poncho and the calorimetry...i keep meaning to make one of those.

    thanks for visiting my blog. can't believe i wasn't already following yours. i am still figuring this whole blogging thing out though!

    did you make it to may faire? why have we not met yet?! :)

  4. we did not make it to may faire...i wish we could have gone, but it would have been over an hour for us.

    perhaps next go round...

    after checking emails, it appears that we may well be meeting later this month @ the handwork group. yay!

  5. Hi,

    Your calorimetry looks really pretty. I was just wondering how you managed to get the holes that form at the decreases to be so neat and, well, not very visible? I'm having horrific trouble with really huge, gaping holes, & I knit pretty darn tightly!

    Oops, forgot to say that I'm here via ravelry :)

  6. charlies_dragon,

    i am not really sure what to tell you about the calorimetry.

    i have made quite a few calorimetries & haven't had any problems with the button holes.

    i am not a tight or a loose knitter. perhaps it is the yarn that you have chosen??

    what weight are you working with & what size needles??