Thursday, May 13, 2010

mother's day baktus...

(i can post this because my mom is actually in florida this week ;)

another lovely ravelry pattern, of course...the lacy baktus (i absolutely LOVE ravelry!)

this is my most intense project yet & not because of it's difficulty either, no. the pattern itself pretty simple, especially considering the gorgeous end product. but the length of time involved & the number of stitches...oh my! there are thousands, if not millions.

at any rate...(drum roll, please ;)

10 days, 420 yards & thousands of stitches later...the "mother's day baktus"!

a special thanks to aydin, our model this evening...;)

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  1. I found your post following the ravelry links for lacey baktus and just had to comment. What a lovely model! Cute baktus, too, but the model has the charisma of a star!