Sunday, September 6, 2009

time with mother nature, her creations & an addition to the fort!

ehren, our almost 3 year old, is really into living creatures lately, which i love! there is something amazing about the wonder of a child to really awaken the dulled sense of us grown-ups. we loom so far above the earth that we tend to miss all of these wonderous creature that mother earth has shared with us...

our children don't!...that is a gift, a blessing...

to instill the message within our children that all creatures deserve to share our world, and that mother earth gave them each a purpose is one we have not had too much trouble with, the delimna??

when our 9 year old asks "what is the purpose of a wasp?"

hmmm...i suppose that is why we began nature study this year. :)

their fort now has a kitchen, complete with a refridgerator!

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