Tuesday, September 15, 2009

grade 4, block I, norse myths (week 4)

monday, september 14th
(read on own, sea of trolls by nancy farmer, 45 min)

orin gave "children of odin" a go, but really did not take to it, nor did i. a friend recommended "sea of trolls" & we both LOVE it! planning to give odin another go in the spring.

main lesson:

*math practice
*copy work:

“All know I, Odin,
where the eye thou hiddest,
In the wide-renowned well of Mímir;
Mímir drinks mead every morning
From Valfather's wage.
Wit ye yet, or what?”

*nature study challenge, #3

lesson b:
form drawing, p. 20, fig 32 b. (trillium knot 2)http://www.millennialchild.com/Slideshows/Resources/Grade04FormDrawing.html

tuesday, september 15th
(read on own, sea of trolls, 45 min)

main lesson:

*math practice
*tell of Njord, Frey, & Freya (D’Aulaire’s, p. 60-63)
(cb): combo of D’Aulaire’s, p. 60, 61, 62
*write a brief bio of each, names in both runes & eng
*choose one to model in beeswax

lesson b:
wednesday, september 16th
(read on own, sea of trolls, 45 min)
main lesson:
*math practice
(recall njord, frey & freya)
*tell of bragi (D’Aulaire’s, p. 64-67)
(cb): D’Aulaire’s, p. 67
*draw portrait of bragi, write a brief bio, name in both runes & eng

lesson b:
baking: rosenmunnar, Swedish thumbprint cookies http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rosenmunnar/Detail.aspx
thursday, september 17th:
(read on own, children of odin, 45 min)
main lesson:
*math practice
(recall bragi)
*tell of frigg, D'Aulaire's, p.81-83
(cb): D'Aulaire's, p. 81
*write brief bio of frigg, name in both runes & eng
*painting day: portrait frigg, p. 81

orin asked if he could just do "color exploration" today, and so he did
friday, september, 18th
orin at Dancing Springs Learning Cooperative, hs enrichment program

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