Friday, September 11, 2009

grade 1, block II: letter introduction (wk 1)

we will be using another container story for the introduction of the letters, this one is from donna simmon's grade 1 syllabus.

a dear friend let me borrow her copy when we had only just begun our waldorf homeschooling journey, 3 years ago. i learned so much since then, and create my own curriculum now pulling from various sources...but this story i love. but as it is copy written material, i cannot reprint it here (sorry! :)

monday, september 7th
(labor day, no school)

tuesday, september 8th
main lesson:
*tell story, part #1
(introducing the King & Queen, a Prince, & the Wise Woman, )
*project, make peg people from story
the queen, aydin's (fairy!) prince, and the wise woman

lesson b:
handwork, continue weaving pencil pouch
wednesday, september 9th
main lesson:
*recall story, part #1 (together)
*draw pictures in main lesson book of king, queen, prince, and world of waves (where the wise woman lives)
lesson b:
baking, make bread with mama
thursday, september 10th
main lesson:
*recall story, part #1 (on own)
*write short summary (together) & copy into main lesson book
decided that was a bit much for a first lesson, so had aydin write just the first sentence.
lesson b:
handwork, finish weaving pouch
aydin's is on the left & mine is on the right

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