Friday, September 18, 2009

grade 1, block I: letter introduction (wk 2)

monday, september 14th

main lesson:
form drawing, mountains (introduce with story)

form drawing story:

"there once was a husband and a wife who lived in a tidy little home in the middle a bustling town. one day though, the wife found out that she was expecting a child. they were so excited about having a child of their own! they both loved each other so much and could think of nothing better than to have a child of their own to share in this love.

but, oh! a bustling city is no place to raise a child. their house was small, and there was only a small patch of grass. the wife longed to have a garden & to raise chickens and goats. the husband wanted a yard large so that he and their children (yes, this was their first child, but he wanted to have lots of children!) to run around and play, and climb trees, and to build clubhouses.

and so they began to search high and low for the perfect house. a house with a yard, a house to be a home for their growing family. they talked to their friends and their family; they looked in the papers. it was hard work, but to find a home perfect for their family was well worth the effort.

they drove to look at many, many houses, in many, many towns and cities, but none of them were quite right. and at last they drove out into the county, right in the heart of the mountains...and there they found it...the perfect house!

and not a moment too soon, for the wife was due to have their child in only a matter of weeks. it was just the size for their family, and it had a big yard...this would be their new home!"

lesson b:
*nature study challenge, #3

tuesday, september 15th

main lesson:
(recall story, part #1)
*tell story, part #2
introducing the jester, the golden goose and the vowel 'a' ('aaaahhhh')

model with beeswax, the prince, the jester & the golden goose

lesson b:
handwork, begin work with knitting mushroom

wednesday, september 16th

main lesson:
*recall story, part #2 (together)
*draw the jester & the golden goose in to main lesson book, glue in the golden star 'A'

lesson b:
baking, vegetable soup

thursday, september 17th

main lesson:
*recall story, part #2 (on own)
*write short summary together, copy into main lesson book

*painting, "early morning"

aydin's is on top & mine is on the bottom

lesson b:

handwork, continue working with knitting mushroom

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