Thursday, November 3, 2011

*crafty* halloween decor & ev's new pilot hat! ;)

our homeschool co-op just had it's first halloween party.  it was super fun & we definitely plan on making it an annual event, perhaps even adding a haunted house next year (as a fall fundraiser ;)

@ any rate, michelle & i were in charge or decorations.  i thought i'd pass along some of the super cool & creepy crafts that we chose for our bit.

first up, paper bag halloween lanterns, courtesy of our friend (& former MCHC member!) christina @ moment to moment

 i made the cat & ehren traced a cardboard template for his ginormous bat...
 i added a simple ghost, @ ev's request, & aydin made the spider...
 lastly, we added an owl...well, because we LOVE owls!!
 i have been wanting to make these spider hatchlings ever since i saw them in a "family fun" magazine years ago, but we have never had a halloween party...until now!

they suggest cheesecloth & a glue/water mix, but i had some plaster paris strips leftover from making belly casts that has been dying to be used for something...anything & so hatchlings it was. ;)

 ehren's pumpkin, freshly carved. 

wow...this was a test, for sure.  ehren, our 4 year old, wanted to carve his own pumpkin this year & the kicker is that i let him!  the 'old' me never would have, nope...never, not in a million years, as carving a pumpkin requires using a knife.  a real knife & not a butter knife, which is all he has ever used up until this point.

BUT i was right there the entire time & i made sure that no one (aka our 3 other children) else was on the scene, so that neither he, nor i, would get distracted. ;)

it went well, as you can see.  i LOVE the mustache! :)

here is my jack-o-lantern... a chicken. :)  i LOVE our chickens!!  
michelle made a pinata, and we each made some handmade goodies to fill it with.  my favorite, by far, were these knit eyeballs.  'modeled' here by our son aydin.

i also made some knit pumpkins, & some woolen gnomes (not pictured).

lastly, here is ev's new pilot hat...

i *think* she likes it, yes??

happy halloween!!

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