Thursday, November 17, 2011

another hat for evelet, felted soaps & yarn along...

i recently made a new pilot hat for ev, for this winter.  the thing is though, that i wanted it to be a bit big on her so that she could wear if this winter & next spring & into next fall/winter.

the bad news is that is turned out o ofit her *perfectly*, as fits her today & if even one more little hair sprouts up on her little head , it would fit no more...:(

so, i knit a new one. the same mods, but on larger needles, & i added a couple of repeats.

the evalinda (take #2 ;)...
 you might recognize these you??
 ehren & ev did a "modeling session" with me last week (some new mitts & crowns & things for the shop).
 it appears that his ninja poses have rubbed off on her...
 gotta love that!  i only wish that you could see her legs in the photos as well, they had their own thing going on as well.  it was AWESOME!!
 i also had a custom order in the shop for some felted soaps...
i think she may have chosen all of my favorites...;)

yarn along...

i am joining many friends & ginny on her venture the "yarn along" in which we are to share a photo of what we are currently knitting & reading & a bit about each.
as you know, orin decided that he did not like the weasley sweater afterall. so, after bit of time on ravelry, he discovered this one...

enter...the grand unveiling of Orin's christmas sweater choice (also, take #2), "military, rainbow style". 

he is all over this pattern & it works for his size, though i might have to modify the length of the arms/body a smidge.  but it is worked top down, so it should be no big.

i am loving this patten so much more already...the yarn though, i am still warming up to...;)

as for the books, i am re-reading both "the creative family" & "handmade home" by amanda blake soule.  both are about living a simple, yet abundant (in the ways that matter) life.  integrating your (the mama's) needs with your children's & your family's for a peaceful, natural rhythm.  they are both good reads & well worth re-reading, as her words continue to speak to me each time in a different way depending where we "are" @ the time.

we are currently in "off" place.  three is a lot of squabbling & anger, frustration, aggravation & lack of patience on all fronts (mama included). 

it would be so easy to know the *one thing* that is our of balance so that we can set it right, but that is the thing, isn't it??  there is never "one thing".  each of us is constantly changing, both parents & children alike & the possibilities are endless.  yet, the destination remain the same. calm (which is of course a relative term, especially in our house full of boys!), peaceful, centered days.  but we each know & have felt @ some time, that felling @ the end of the days..."today was a good day". 

and so, we continue to do what we can, with what we have & where we are....hoping for just a bit more of that & perhaps a little bit less of the other.

the third book is "my old true love", but shelia kay adams. 

it is for my book club (that's right, i have joined my very first book club!)  it was started by a friend @ our co-op & we are due to have our first meeting this coming sunday evening.  i am super excited.

@ any rate, the book is set in the time of the civil war, right here in the mountains of madison county, nc.  a woman named arty tells the story, as she lived it or in the t hick of it rather.  and interwoven are ballads & love songs rich with Appalachian history. 

it is a rich tale, one that pulls you in.  it makes you ache for all that is not as it should be. 

it shows so much of how life was during that time in our region.  though the story is @ times painful, there is so much love. 

until next time...

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