Tuesday, November 15, 2011

octopuses (or is it octopi??) & more handmade holidays...

this morning ehren & evyn got out the sidewalk chalk & drew these super cute octopuses (or is it octopi??) on the sidewalk out front...

 this one is ehren's....
 and this one, slightly more jumbly, but NO less lovely, is ev's...
 orin got really into building card castles with dominos the other night.  wow!!!  that was a LOUD endeavor (glass dominos on the hardwood table).  youch!  my ears were feeling so old & tired. 

but you have got to admire the persistence... with 3 younger siblings, the table was bumped sooo many times.  but he just started over again & again.  i was so proud of his patience. :)

this one is his absolutely fav.  he used every single domino we had in the house....makes you wonder what he could have done with more, right??
 ahhhh, and "the evalinda" is not complete!  i LOVE it so much, don't you??  part of me is wishing that christmas was just a little bit sooner, but the other (more rational) part of me, knows that i still have quite a few gifts to make. :)
it took a grand total of 22 hours.  i think it will be perfect, or at least perfectly what i was wanting, which was to be a bit big on her for this winter so that she can wear it into the spring & then next fall & winter as well.

what do you think of the red buttons??  lance (my husband) picked out the colors for the dress, which are a bit more earthy than i was wanting to go.  i was wanting something a bit brighter & more rainbow-ish, but i like it well enough.  & i think it will look perfect on her, but then she has the sort of color that everything looks good on her (though, being only 2 1/2 she doesn't appreciate that bit yet, but she will ;)

he wanted me to put matching blue buttons on it, but i wouldn't go for it.  i wanted a bit of *pop*, right?? 

what are your thoughts??

@ any rate, i'll post photos once she (finally!!!) gets to try it on...

& on a different note, orin has decided that he does not like the weasley girl sweater afterall.  he hadn't realized that the whole thing would be "bumpy". this is ok...well, better now than later.

he wanted to to go on with it because i have already invested 3 hours.  that was sweet, but i explained that i would be investing @ least 15 hours or more (most likely more ;).  in that light,  3 hours is technically 'nothing' & better he find one that he really likes to make all the work worth it, right?? 

what's the point if he is not going to LOVE it in the end & wear it to forever & back, right??

so, we begin the search a new.  luckily though i have a couple custom etsy orders to work on until we do find the "perfect pattern" (take #2 ;)...

(luckily he really does still LOVE the yarn & a good thing that is as we have 13 darn skeins of it!?!)



  1. One day my older girls and I researched and researched.... it's Octopuses. :) love your blog