Tuesday, October 25, 2011

skytop apple orchard...

first off, i would like to thank my friend jenny for taking all of the upcoming photos, as i left our camera @ home. THANK YOU!!

last thursday, our homeschool co-op suited up & headed off to a local u-pick farm, skytop apple orchard to be exact. 

the weather @ 8am, was not promising.  the skies were dark & ominous, the wind was blowing & there was more that a bit of nip in the air,  BUT we said that if it wasn't raining, we would give it a go & boy, were we glad we did!!

halfway there, the clouds parted & it was nothing but gorgeous blue skies!

 here's a photos of our crew, 35 folks in all make the hour trek to skytop (~ 2/3 of the total co-op)
 me & ev...& her rainbow pants!  (she got sooooo many compliments on these ;)
 we apparently came @ the end of the pickin' season & so had to walk a bit further to fill our bags...
 a giant pumpkin slide on their playground...
ehren lukas feeding the bunnies...;)

 the bridge leading into the bamboo forest, which was AWESOME & definitely a hit w/the older boys!
 aydin, monkeying around...

we had signed up for the fall harvest tour, which included an education rundown on the orchard & how it operates, a hay ride, a 1/4 peck of apples & a pie-sized pumpkin.  not bad for $8, right??

and on friday...??
well, we made apple pie, of course!!

this was my first EVER apple pie, if you can believe it.  i was always a bit weary of the crust part,  which i now know was just silly!

autumn blessings! xo

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