Saturday, December 26, 2009

grade 4 man & animal (science/lang arts, block III, wk I) 11.9-11.12

(this block explores the threefold of man & his relationship to the animal world. )

monday, november 9th
(read on own, my side of the mountain, 45 min)

*workbooks (spelling, math & general ed)

main lesson:

we begin this first week with a discussion of man. we explore the human body & its form, we discover that there are three main parts.

the head, all alone at the top, round, the trunk, broader & flatter, with some roundness, and the limbs, our arms & legs which radiate out.

*draw a head to toe self portrait

lesson b: form drawing, learn to tie & draw "triple overhand knot"

tuesday, november 10th
(read on own, 45 min)

*workbooks (spelling, math, & general ed)

main lesson:
(recall yesterday's discussion)

then delve a bit deeper, relating each body part to the a part of the world...
the head, all alone at the top, round, our eyes shining down on the world around us...with our head, our thoughts, we can brighten the world around us, and so our heads are like the sun.

the trunk, home to our lungs, our breathing in & out, the chest rising & falling...waxing & waning; like the waves rising & falling; we are flat on our back with a bit of a curve on the front...and so our trunks are like the moon.

our limbs...they help us to run & jump, to climb, draw, paint, to create and our fingers & toes that radiate...each with five points, yes! the stars...

*draw a second self portrait, as the "star child" (to quote mrs. marsha)...

lesson b: handwork, continue working on spiral friendship bracelet

wednesday, november 11th
(read on own, 45 min)

*workbooks (spelling, math & general ed)

*main lesson:
(recall both mon & tues discussions)

*write a few paragraphs summarizing the main thoughts

lesson b: baking

thursday, november 12th
(read on own, 45 min)

*workbooks (spelling, math & general ed)

*main lesson:
(recall this weeks work)
model star child using fimo (gold, blues & purples)

*paint "star child", verse:

"favorite star of mine" (3rd stanza, anurag kumar)

it is the star that lies beyond the sun,
it is the star of ultimate truth,
it is the star of love & peace,
it is the star where my soul lives."

lesson b: handwork, finish friendship bracelets

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing everything. You do amazing things in your home. :)