Friday, December 18, 2009


i was on the phone with my parents & i were finalizing details about their upcoming christmas visit & my dad mentioned that they were forecasting a winter storm for our area. "we never get snow!" i said.

(literally...we have lived in the wnc mountains since february 2000, and we have only been able to build a snow man one year...when our 9 year old was 3)!

hmmm, how does the saying go?? 'open mouth, insert foot"??

we have a whopping 14" & it is still coming down...

it is amazingly beautiful, isn't it?? so long as our power stays on (we have electric heat!)

this is a stained glass fairy that my mom made us as a wedding gift, beautiful against the snowy backdrop...


  1. The fairy is stunning! What a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing the pictures of snow, especially for those of us who have none! :)

  2. great pictures jessi! it has been so fun having all this snow around. must be even more enchanting up there where you are.

    happy yule!