Monday, December 28, 2009

ehren's 3rd birthday!

on december 10th, our little ehren turned 3!

in a lot of ways it is hard to believe that he is only 3 years when he is 20' up in our hemlock trees or when he is pedaling right along side them on their 'big boy bikes' on his 2 wheeler (with training wheels, of course).

he is quite the sharer as well. for instance, he'll ask if he can have an apple & he will being each of his brothers & i one as well (without our even asking).

granted, it isn't always like this, he throws tantrums & melts like any other child of his age. but the important thing is to take stock in the fact that the foundation is being laid...he is going to be an amazingly kind & caring person one day. and that is truly what we, as parents, strive for in raising our children, right?

we are looking forward to what new joys this year will bring, and to watching this beautiful soul each day as he grows...cheers, ehren!

the birthday bouquet...

the 'toadstool' birthday crown is from an issue of living crafts magazine (fall 2008, i think)

mama made mittens...


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday wishes to Ehren! I can't believe how quickly our children grow! It never fails to surprise me. I love his cute little mittens and toadschool cap.

  2. oops, I meant toadstool (not toadSCHOOL)cap. Heheh, can you tell that I am planning the second half of fourth grade? :)