Saturday, August 29, 2009

planting a butterfly garden...

we are members of "roots & shoots", a local, environmental service oriented 4-h club. orin is actually president this year.

earlier this year, in february, our family led a bluebird house building project for one of our meetings. we installed them at the end of february...just in the nick of time in fact, as the bluebirds were arriving in our area that very same weekend!

at the end of august, we went back and planted some blueberry & butterfly bushes to that same garden. even little ehren got to help, he was the official water boy. the kids all had plenty of energy to run around afterwards, and our boys (of course) ended up soaked!

it was a perfect day for planting, and the rains came later that weekend, so it all worked out perfectly.

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  1. What an awesome thing you guys did. The butterfly's are going to LOVE YOU for it! :> )