Saturday, August 29, 2009

experimental friday...

while the boys & i were re-arranging their room and we 'rediscovered' their books filled with science experiments, and so we spent out friday experimentint.

(of course, as this was entirely spontaneous, we had to limited the experiemtns to ones that we had all the materials for.)

orin grew crystals, which i apparently forgot to take pictures of (oops!).

he found two variations that we had the supplies for, one using alum & one using borax. the borax crystals grew beautifully. however, the boys kept checking on the alum crystals every 2 min or so for a good half hour or so. and by "checking on", i mean picking up and shaking & swishing around. so, that could be why those didn't respond as well. :)

and aydin made edible glass...

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