Tuesday, August 18, 2009

aha...handwork for mama! :)

the latest living crafts magazine arrived this past saturday, and i now have a renewed zest for crafting! it is an amazing magazine filled with loads of inspiring crafts, all using natural fibers. knitting, wet/needle felting, sewing with wool, and more...projects to involve children, as well as stories & acticles on,well,'living' crafts.


i have been itching to get started crafting again, something i haven't done nearly enough of since evyn's birth (granted, she is only 4 months old).

they have a wonderful article on dying wool with children & a pattern using that same dyed wool to knit gorgeous fall/winter socks...

i have found a way to work that into our handwork schedule for the fall. we can dye the wool during our michaelmas week. it is a perfect fit, as the boys will already be dying silks for both capes & extras for christmas gifts, along with felted ball for the "michaelmas star ball".

the plan is that they will each dye the yarn that i will then use to knit them each a pair of socks. and since the wool is dyed with food coloring, even little ehren can join in the fun. my goal is to knit socks for the entire family, though the pattern doesn't actually go small enough for baby evyn (child small - adult large).

for her, though ,they have a sweet little gnome hat...:)

what else?? oh, a felted play mat...the perfect christmas for the older boys. a delicius patchwork bag & a tutorial on making paper mache puppets!

i LOVE this magazine!

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  1. I love this magazine also, Im really looking forward to getting it! It sounds like you have some wonderful projects planned I hope you will post pictures of all the wonderful projects : )