Wednesday, August 5, 2009

our daily rhythm (fall 2009)

i have spent the better part of the last few weeks really planning out our upcoming school year.

orin decided our start date is to be august, the countdown has officially begun (18 days!)

i am determined to have our entire year planned out to the 'T', both grades 1 & numbers referenced, chalboard drawings sketched out, handwork projects decided, etc. with that all said & done, i will be free to live in the moment of where we 'are', to be present for each block. that being said, i am open to adding/tweaking our lessons when new opportunities arise. :)

we have begun slowly sinking back into our that once we do officially start back we will all be good to go...


530 am mama rise; "my time"...crafting, prep lessons, crafting, & make dinner
730 get breakfast made & on table
800 boys rise, wash hands breakfast
830 clear dishes/wipe table, dress, brush teeth, etc
900 morning walk w/circle time (or yoga)
945 short break/settle
10oo orin 45 min read alone (thorkill)
aydin mail lesson
ehren play on own
1045 snack & play break
1115 orin mail lesson
aydin & ehren play outside/inside quietly
1215 pm play break...ALL!
1245 lunch prep
1oo lunch w/papa & "papa time"
2oo rest time
3oo handwork/lesson b
mon: form drawing
tues: handwork
wed: baking
thur: handwork
fri: cleaning day

4oo freetime/computer (30 min each)
6oo set table, dinner
645 clear dishes/wipe table
7oo bath (m, w, f) /30 min tidy (t, th, sat)
8oo get ready for bed (pj's, brush teeth, pick out clothes, etc)
830 story & blessings journal
9oo bedtime.

this is all in theory, of course...and the times are only there for reference (to keep me ontrack). they say it takes 21 days for a new habit to form, so after that this all will be second nature.

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  1. Your schedule plan looks lovely! And really doable (as long as you're not too hard on yourself on the hard days- that's where I trip up, sometimes). Your family is so lucky to have such a hard working, thoughtful Mama. Great job!