Friday, March 13, 2009

a tea party...

what do you do after a morning of gardening in 40 degree weather?? have a tea party, of course...or in our case, hot cocoa! mmmmm...:)

ehren's first tea party, as a matter of fact, and he did quite well...he has gotten quite good at using his manners, thought we did have to give him him own mug of cocoa & his own little portion of marshmellows. his motto appreas to be "there is no food tastier than that which is pilfered..."

we used to have tea parties all the time (at least once a week), but we have gotten out of the habit for some reason. this, however, is to be the first of many...

there is a wonderful feeling that comes from using the little matching cups & saucers...filling a miniature plate with little cheese cubes and apple bits...passing little bowls of wholesome goodnesss around to share...and of course, being able to fill one's own tea cup.

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