Saturday, March 14, 2009

the swap & the shop...:)

a fellow waldorf homeschooling mama, kelly o'neil, had a great idea to start a swap yahoo is dubbed "bits of goodness". a great title as well, no??

here is a link if you are interested:

the basic concept is that we have 2-3 themed swaps per month, and those mamas interested in participating sign up. most groups average about 20 folks, each with one hostess. everyone makes 5 items, using natural materials (as much as possible) and then sends them along to the hostess before the deadline.

the hostess then takes the goodies, divides them up & in about a week all who particiapted receive a package in the mail full of "bits of goodness".

it is a simple concept, but i have noticed that it has gotten me to expand on my crafting a bit. doing things that i haven't done in a while, or that i have been meaning to do. and i usually make a few extras for the shop...the only drawback is that it can be addictive...:) well, that and that there are do many wonderful themes that we each have to be careful not to overextend ourselves.

the first swap i was in, for february, was a spring nature table swap...i knit some sweet little bunnies.
this month's swap?? for me, easter. this was a bit different than most as we could fill more than one slot, if we wanted to receive goodies for more than one easter child. as our baby girl is due the week before easter, i signed up for 4 slots...meaning that i make 5 each of 4 different items.

below is a sampling...of course, i made a few extras for the shop...:)

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