Sunday, March 29, 2009

Evyn Nicole early spring blessing! :)

our baby girl was due april 5th, but she arrived early friday morning...1 1/2 weeks early!

born: march 27, 2009, 12:22am
weight: 7# 15 oz
length: 19 inches

she is beautiful...and just look at that hair!

Evyn Nicole Kinney

her proud papa...

the big brothers...aydin (6), orin (8), & ehren (2).
some friends made these awsome "big brother" shirts for the boys!!

mama's love...

i went into labor a little before 9pm thrusday evening, as she was born just after midnight.

it was a little bit crazy, as i was getting our boys to bed & lance was at work. i had just finished folding laundry when i felt the first contraction. you would think that after having given birth to 3 children i would know when i am in labor, but they all so different.

i called lance at work to give him a head's up, that i might be in labor, but by the time he actually got to the phone, i knew. the boys and i got all our bags packed and ready, and i called my friend katie (also a doula) and of course my midwife.

then it was off to the hospital! i arrived and was 4cm dilated, as is typical. we walked a few laps around the birthing wing, and labor was nearly 9cm. a few more contractions, and then we made our way to the tub. all of the water birth rooms were full, so we made due with the bathtub.

it was a beautiful birth...i felt very loved & supported. and our 6 year old, aydin, was there. he did great! he got a little weary at the end, as the pushing it is quite intense at that point. but he stayed by my side until the end.


  1. Dear Lance and Jessi,Orin,Aydin and Ehren,
    Congratulations on your new baby girl!!!
    I think she is absolutly beautiful!! I do think she looks like Aydin a bit:)
    I hope all is well with everybody!!
    Love and miss you all!!

  2. Congratulations!We can't wait to meet your sweet little daughter. She is beautiful!

    with love,
    emily & all

  3. Jessi! Congratulations to you, Lance, Orin, Aydin, and Ehren!!! I can't believe she's finally here! She's beautiful! I hope everything is great and I look forward to seeing you soon! I love you all! Katie