Thursday, December 2, 2010

more christmas crafting...& gifts that children can make!

first up, a super fun custom order i got to do for the shop...

a woman wrote me asking for custom felted soaps, after seeing this gone one in the shop...

felted soaps are fun enough to make on their own, but it is even more fun when you are making with with someone special in mind...
she told me about her stepmother who loves vintage...we pondered peace signs, yin yangs, bright orange & avocado circles, but ended up settling on a peace dove.
then she told me of her father, who is an avid soon as she mentioned kayaks, i KNEW that was going to be it! my parents, too, are very much into hiking, camping, canoeing & kayaking so this made me think of all of their adventures as well. :)

we also just finished up a couple of waldorf newborn/baby/baby shower doll & ball sets.

a gorgeous blue batik set... and a pink/purple paisley set...

i love these dolls & have always had one ready & waiting in the bassinet for our little ones on the way.
the balls are great because they are easy enough for the littlest ones to grasp & play with, but our older boys (4, 7 & 10) can play with them in the house without me having to worry about anything getting broken. :)
made from upcycled, natural materials to boot...

some recent finished knitting projects...of course! ;)

a super fun knit cowl...i love the buttons! these are amazingly toasty...

modeled by my sister sammi...

a gorgeous colorway we are calling 'sunset'...

will definitely be making more of these!
(ok, confession...i have already finished a second one, in green & have another on the needles. apparently these are addictive!)
next, final photos/modelling of the "countless scarf"...aka prayer scarf, soon to be on its way to our dear friend. <3>

more headbands for the shop...

am i lucky to have so many amazing (& willing) models, or what?? :)

upcycled felt wreath ornaments/decor...
aren't they lovely?? and so very easy to make...

12-15" of a super strong thread, various felt square scraps (about 1" sq)...that's it!

well, and your own flare for color combinations!

for papa, we did a hand print canvas...
we each traced our hands on various parts of the canvas & then colored them in (well) with crayon.
then we added a lovely green watercolor wash (well, actually a gold wash the blue over top)

it turned out quite lovely , i think, thought the watercolors had a bit of a time settling in on parts of the canvas. i plan on doing one more coat before calling it done. :)

aydin made this fantastic wooden matching set for ehren, 13 matches...he was quite adamant about that part.

he drew some of ehren favorite things, lots of rainbow designs, rockets, woolly worms, an "E" for ehren, chickens...i LOVE them all!

then i wood burned the designs on & he went back over to really bring out their colors.

all that he needs to do now is seal it with a bit of our beeswax finish...lovely, no??

if you haven't already, please do join in on the trule spirit of christmas with "handmade holidays" (@ plain & joyful living).

need some more inspiration?? check out "creative friday's" (@ natural suburbia).
xoxo, holiday blessings...


  1. You sure have been busy! I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I love your Etsy shop! (:

  2. So wonderful! Lots of inspiration. I'm going to feature your blog post on our Syrendell Facebook page. :)

  3. Look at all these fun goodies! Off to check out your Etsy shop!