Wednesday, December 15, 2010

even more handmade holidays/christmas goodies! :)

as always, we have been busy bees here @ the house...lots & lots of projects! i love it!! :)

first up is a lovely pair of legwarmers that aydin made for evyn (our 2o month old)

from a recycled sweater (of course)...his first sewing machine project. i think he did quite well...

a long overdue pompom that i made for papa...his hat lost his (well, actually his hat was attacked by our one of our two youngest & when the smoke cleared it was missing pompom ;)
this was last winter...and i have (finally) made him a new one. i think he will be quite pleased...
(side note: pompoms take quite a bit longer to make than i had originally thought...i now have a new respect for them)
hmmm...i think i told you that this pattern was addictive. do you believe me now??

in a variety of colors for various lovely ladies...;)
i also made a baby-sized one for ev...isn't is cute??
a bit of perspective for the niblet version...
(a bit of trivia...the niblet took about 3x longer to knit, who knew??)

another countless...this one for my sister-in-law...
handmade branch buttons to top them all off. made from a bit of birch that we trimmed off earlier this year & sealed with a bit of mama kopps beeswax finish.

a custom order keyhole scarf in rainbow for the shop...
not only gorgeous, but soft & squishy to boot!

i traded with another mama for a carrier (mei tei style), and made her these sweet pilot caps.

a gorgeous silk/merino wool blend...

this one is 100% silk, two shades of orange knit together...

and lastly, another custom order of felted soaps for the shop. this one in trade for some yarn.
i recently discovered that my brother's favorite colors are all things neon & gold. interesting, i think. i plan to knit him up a scarf for christmas. he lives in chicago & i know it would get put to good use. :)

this one was for another mama who had already ordered a couple of the soaps, but wanted more...gotta love that!
happy holiday crafting!! xoxo


  1. I've been enjoying all your Christmas crafting posts.

  2. Wow! You are a rock star! That's a lot of knitting. I love those cowls and think I may need to need one up but seeing as they are addictive, I'll be prepared to knit a few.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!