Thursday, December 30, 2010

handmade holidays, continued...

here are some of the lovelies we made for christmas gifts that didn't quite make it into the pre-day posts...
my ultimate favorite gift made this year??...definitely ehren's doll! which he named "rudolph #4". ;)

a 16" waldorf doll, using joy's radiant doll pattern, which is apparently no longer being sold :(. i bought this pattern 3 years ago, as it has become a family tradition to give each of our children a waldorf doll for their 4th christmas.

i made him a few sets of clothes to go with him (2 shirts & 2 pants), just sort of winged it on the pants. but here is the pattern for the shirts. and (of course!) i had to knit him up some goodies!

he got a super cool pair of rainbow overalls

and a doll sized pilot hat...

this is my second go round & i think i did amazingly better...he is totally awesome! & already a part of our daily lives. he eats his meals with us, ehren gets him dressed when he is done dressing himself...he goes on our walks, & sleeps in our bed...wherever we are, rudolph #4 is never very far away!

there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your gift is truly loved! (hooray!!)

for orin (our 10 year old)...sammi & i revamped his quilt. he made this quilt our first year homeschooling, he was 6~! this was his first sewing machine project ever...i helped him a bit here & there, but he did it 90% on his own. he entered it in the 4-H contest @ our local heritage festival & won honorable mention that year as well. he LOVES this quilt, so much that is was in shambles...the backing was 80% gone! & there were holes everywhere & squares completely gone in some spots...but he would never let me have it long enough to fix it. so a few months ago i stole it & hid it under sammi's bed...and a few weeks before christmas we set to work patching it & searching out a new backing for it. it turned out awesome & was definitely one of orin's favorite gifts...gotta love that!

lance has now asked us to fix up his blanket...we actually wanted to surprise him as well for christmas, but his quilt was made by his gramma & she has since passed away, so i wasn't sure if he would want us messing. he said though that he would rather be using it, that having it stowed away, so i guess well be working on that one soon. <3

my dad requested this ear flap hat. i knit it double strand as both him & my mom are both avid outdoor enthusiasts & i wanted the hat to be practical.

got the call on christmas & he loves it! (hooray!!) said he tried it out on their greenway one morning & is passed the test...:)

for sk (aka sammi), orin & i made an earring holder. she has LOADS!!! & no where to put them, so i poked around on etsy to get a few ideas & ran with it.

we found a *brand new* unfinished wooden photo frame @ our local thrift store, then i picked up some aluminum screening & some screen board @ lowe's. it didn't take too long to piece it all together...

sk loves it & while i was worried that there wouldn't be enough room for all her jewels, there is actually a bit of room to spare!

for more creative goodness & loads of inspiration, be sure to check out "creative friday" @ natural suburbia...LOVE IT!


  1. Such wonderful projects you have crafted! Such lucky loved gift recipients. The quilt is as beautiful as it is impressive. And the doll and his rainbow overalls!

    Happy New Year blessings to you and yours...

  2. wow what great presents you made! Your doll is gorgeous. Ive been making a few waldorf dolls for my daycare and wanting to make them some new clothes so thanks for the link to a t-shirt pattern, im off to check it out

  3. Cute doll and I love the clothes.

  4. Great job!! You made so many nice lovely things. I am just starting to get addicted to these adorable waldorf dolls. I might have to try to make one for my boys.

  5. Such beautiful handmade gifts! I've been wanting my kids to have a waldorf doll for a while now, but they cost so much and for some reason making one myself scares me, lol. But after seeing yours, I think I just might have to set my fears aside and give it a shot.

    By the way, I found your blog through Creative Friday's and I had to say, I love your blog! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. thank you all for the carfting is an addiction of mine. ;)

    for those of you who responded with comments on the doll, waldorf dolls are not as difficult as they might seem. they take a good pattern, basic sewing knowledge, & time, but believe me when i say that they are well worth it...

    when you give it to your child, he/she will not see the imperfections & mistakes that you might, they will see only the LOVE that you put into making it!

    do give it a go!!! xoxo

  7. That quilt is wonderful! And so sweet that you fixed it up for him like that. Adorable doll too! I have made so many girl dolls but no boys yet. I love the names! Chessa's first doll is Isabel, her second doll is named Isabella. Chloe has Emerald and Emma.
    You did lots of great holiday creating!